Spring Camp 2017

spring_campUS Best Taekwondo is running a spring camp from March 13-17. Cost is $135 for the week.

Submit your sign-up form for spring camp 2017 by filling out the form below, or click here to print a PDF to fill out and bring with you to the dojang.

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Liability Waiver

Student(s)(parent or legal guardian, if applicable) understand the procedure, training, and exercises involved in instruction and participation as explained to him/her by an assistant of the school may carry with it a certain amount of physical risk as in every other contact sport. Student(s)(parent or legal guardian, if applicable) expressly understand there is a risk of personal injury in the course of instruction and with this knowledge agrees to indemnify and save harmless school and all instructors affiliated with it, from all liability or loss caused by accident or injury to the student or to third persons, who may be students, in the event that either the student or said third person is injured in any way during the course of instruction, performance, training, exhibitions, and execution of exercises.

By checking this box, you signify agreement with this waiver.